The foundation for your company's digital transformation.
.Vi.komet is a low-code platform created to optimize the development of tools, applications, websites, online stores, etc, reducing creation and maintenance costs, risk and all the complexity involved in projects.

Why use
.vi.komet ?

.Vi.komet is the “heart” of our ecosystem. Through integration with other tools, it is possible to manage all your business journeys. A low-code, flexible and practical platform, designed to simplify the entire process of digital transition of your business.

How we elevate
your business...

Empower your development team and make it more competitive, able to complete complex projects in much less time. Find new ways to reach the market, reduce costs, improve productivity and prepare for the new business scenario; the future is connected !

The complete solution for your company.

.Vi.komet is able to provide scalable solutions with safe and immediate results for companies of all sizes and areas of activity.
Cost Reduction
Use our ready-made integrated solutions to lower development costs.
Time Saving
Decrease the number of work hours spent building websites or applications.
Greater Productivity
Increase your production capacity and multiply the profit margin on projects.
Excellence in Development
Increase the quality of applications developed with our digital ecosystem.
Cloud Computing
Save money by leaving behind server purchases, application upgrades, operating systems, and hardware & software replacement.
Full Integration
.Vi.komet was developed to allow integration with your company's existing systems.

Users and Permissions

Manage all information of your users / customers.

Login and Session Management with High Security Level
Control of Profiles and Access Groups in the Backend
Privileges, Access and Rights Attribution for Each User


.Vi.komet was created to make managing and accessing data faster and more secure.

WYSIWYG Content Editor
SEO Friendly / Friendly URLs
Categorization / Content Tags

Data Storage

With .vi.komet, the entire data storage process becomes smarter.

Advanced Permissions System for the Entire Database
Single API Call Storage
Support for Data in Major Formats & Indexing for Full-text Searches

File Storage

With .vi.komet, the files are stored and optimized with absolute security.

Support for Different Types of Documents, Spreadsheets, Images, etc.
Performing Full-text Searches on File Content
Support for Encrypted / Private Files

Custom Code and Integrations

The .vi.komet platform allows the user to execute source code, increasing the tool's customization potential.

- Proprietary Code Execution Ability

- Changes / Deploys available immediately

- Task Scheduling ( batch ) managed by the backend

- Providing customized REST Services


The .vi.komet's location module allows you to determine the exact position of deliveries, customers, products and employees with maximum agility.

- Search for Services, Friends and Nearby Items

- Searches Sorted by Distance

- Searches Organized by Specific Criteria ( eg.: color, license plate, etc. )

- Interactive Maps Creation


Discover and use the full power of our integrated solutions.