The ultimate solution for
marketing campaigns !
Take your company's communication to another level.
Use .vi.transmit and develop your relationship with the public, make each interaction unique and create loyal customers to your brand.

Send the right content
to the right public.

The segmentation and multichannel sending intelligence of .vi.transmit enables you to create emails, messages and notifications based on your customers' purchasing behavior, profile and engagement data.

Save time and
increase revenue!

Use the automation power of .vi.transmit to interact with your customers, customize campaigns and reach all relevant touch points to solidify sales.

Create a dynamic, personalized experience.

Make each customer valued as he or she truly deserves
Broadcast only relevant content based on users' interaction with your brand.
Schedule your campaign interactions
Schedule the times and recurrence of all outbound communications and let .vi.transmit perform operations automatically.

Accessing the customer journey has never been simpler!

.Vi.transmit generates detailed reports on user interactions and habits.
Analyzing your target audience's buying behavior is the best way to decide which products or services to offer and the right time to do so.

Maximize your reach!

Optimize campaign creation
Choose one of the amazing .vi.transmit templates to captivate users and increase visibility without wasting time.
Reach all types of customers
Select multiple ways to interact with your contacts simultaneously, in the same campaign.
Apply A / B tests and improve performance
Conduct benchmark testing to get the exact view of what works best for your customers.

Give your audience what they really want!

  • Intuitive content creation;
  • Personalized emails;
  • Transactional emails;
  • Attractive models;
  • Organization of contact lists;
  • Scheduling and recurring shipping;
  • SMS Marketing;
  • Notifications;
  • A/B tests;
  • Full automation;
  • Detailed reports.

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