Posted  February 15 2022

Digital Security - The Risks of Working Online.

Written by Jerônimo do Valle
Remote work can pose numerous risks. In addition to accessing tools and systems without the proper layers of corporate security, most employees use the same equipment to check personal emails, social media and even connect to home Wi-Fi networks - already full of devices that use standard passwords – shared with family members.
When performing their duties from home, without proper precautions and without the guidance of an IT team, employees risk causing problems for the entire corporation. Not only high profile companies such as banks and e-commerce chains, but also hospitals, laboratories and any agencies with offices and franchises are subject to the same threats.

The most common cybercrimes are file encryption, data theft and denial of service attacks; DDoS All are types of extortion that demand payment in exchange for recovering data and regaining control of operations.

Each case requires an assessment and a protection model, but the basic concepts are always the same: informed and prepared people, adequate processes and, above all, solutions that provide visibility and obstruction tools. It is necessary to keep services active, without interruptions and without exposing company data, employees, users and customers.