Posted  March 1 2020

Enterprise Social Networks; changing companies.

Digital Transformation
Written by Jerônimo do Valle
The concept of social network - created in the 90's - needs no introduction. However, unlike these, “corporate” social networks constitute a new niche, specifically bringing together the professionals of a company with the intention of reduct the distance between all of them and making them interact in that space.
The entire system forms an efficient tool, aimed at the development and promotion of the entity, which encourages the engagement of participants in the company's issues.

The speed gain in the execution of internal processes and the ease of access to the content of the projects are notorious, as well as the incentive to share information between employees and stakeholders, which contributes to the reduction of the rigor imposed by the hierarchy, creating a path for the implementation of a more participatory management.

Structuring a solution like this demands joint efforts, just as the existence of a social network does not make much sense if access is restricted or if adherence to the tool is low, however, following a correct implementation process, encouraging the engagement of leadership and ensuring respect for the company's organizational culture, the road to success is paved.