Posted  July 6 2021

How to know if the "Customer is Always Right" without fully understanding him ?

Written by Jerônimo do Valle
If the turmoil of the past few months has taught us anything, it's that there's never been a more important time to listen to your clients. Cliches aside, it's not surprising to find that the organizations that suffered the most were those that failed to adapt quickly to user expectations.
Consumers have always had the option of interacting personally with companies, however, from one moment to the next, they found themselves restricted and forced to accept only digital media as a form of contact. This caused the frustration of many, when they realized that companies could not maintain the “personal touch” in service and if the quality level of the customers experience is below expectations, they simply change company, brand and product.

Real-time decision-making technologies are great allies to quickly adapt to consumers and their demands, therefore, companies that prioritized this aspect have been the true survivors of this scenario.

It's all about 'understanding the customer', and before you can truly offer your audience an effective and memorable experience, it's important to understand exactly how they're feeling and what they expect from your business.