Posted  August 17 2021

Social Media & Marketing: the time is now !

Social Media
Written by Jerônimo do Valle
Questioning the power of social media in modern civilization is unfeasible. Of the 4.02 billion Internet users worldwide (53% of the population), active users of this type of platform represent 3.2 billion, or 42% of the people on Earth.
As consumers spend more time on social media, the entire environment becomes a reference source for product and brand information. At these colossal proportions, the reach and power of influence of these vehicles represent a real treasure for the business and commerce sectors, where the need to persuade the market and generate engagement are priorities.

With over 60 million Facebook pages, brands are able to expand the reach of their products and retain customers on scales never seen before. Twitter offers similar effects, highlighting, through its operation and the interface itself, the possibility of accessing news and information in real time.

A brief survey of data and statistics definitely illustrates and demonstrates that now is the best time to plan a social media marketing strategy... and the picture is set to improve!

Source: Forbes