Posted  June 1 2021

The Customer as the center of Digital Transformation.

Digital Transformation
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Companies are increasingly looking to incorporate the latest technological innovations to change the customer journey, without neglecting the human factor. More than ever, a great customer experience depends on the quality of the interaction, which is why personalized follow-up is essential.
It is important to have a specific response agility, recommend products taking into account the “digital footprint” of the user and be able to receive feedback to know what to improve.

Anticipate user needs and intervene effectively in response, namely with recommendations, easy access to assistants (call, video or chat), proposals based on their profile and marketing communications with news in their area of interest. The proof of this is that companies that are successful in personalizing digital sales work better and are visibly more profitable.

The digital transition we are witnessing represents a paradigm shift, however, customer service can be the element that sets a brand apart from its competition: a more intuitive and interactive digital business benefits from this advantage.

Source: Observador.