Posted  June 9 2021

The Digital Leap was advantageous... and is here to stay !

Digital Transformation
Written by Jerônimo do Valle
According to the new annual Global Tech Trends study, the digital transformation undertaken by companies in response to the pandemic is in fact permanent. 2,600 decision makers from companies spread across 26 countries, including Portugal, were consulted. They confirmed the change in the business scenario and also the promotion of investment strategies for such innovations for the future.
Of the Portuguese institutions, 42% claim to have remodeled their IT departments to deal with the increase in remote and hybrid work, in addition to tightening their budgets to speed up the so-called “digital leap”. The data also reveals that 62% of industry leaders in the country believe there are inevitable long-term changes, both in terms of location and the way people work in organizations.

Assuring that half of the Portuguese companies interviewed intend to expand to new regions and cross international borders, despite the disturbances caused by the pandemic, the study highlights that, of these, 62% declare that they intend to reach the target virtually, without investment in infrastructure in the respective markets.