Posted  July 27 2021

The Digital Transformation of Agribusiness is already a reality.

Digital Transformation
Written by Jerônimo do Valle
From arrival to the moment of recording the hours worked, the agribusiness employee lives an increasingly digital journey.
In the entire production chain, from financing to sales, there is the same advance and, despite the lack of automation in the document issuing and management segment, the adoption of digital platforms in the administration of CPR's, Purchase and Sale Agreements, Debt Confessions , Promissory Notes, Endorsements, etc., promoted significant improvements.

The use of artificial intelligence generates return on investments and cost reduction, acting in the control of equipment and autonomous machines, mapping, carrying out diagnoses and, also, predicting adverse scenarios.

Within the basic concept of IoT (Internet of Things), the integration of sensor technologies and software connected to objects such as drones, for example, makes agricultural spraying more economical, efficient and allows the collection of images and data for various purposes, within of agribusiness.

This true digital revolution brings great advantages to all actions in the area, in addition to increasing profits, avoiding losses and enabling the sector to walk along with other areas of the modern world.