Posted  June 29 2021

The "Internet of Things"; real-time information !

Internet of Things
Written by Jerônimo do Valle
Nowadays, it is common for information to travel, almost at the speed of light, over fiber optic cables. With 5G technology about to become a reality, we will finally meet the popular “Internet of Things”.
Everything will be connected, with information circulating at a dizzying speed of 10 Gbps, which is 100 times faster than current 4G networks. Meanwhile, SpaceX, owned by billionaire Elon Musk - founder and CEO of Tesla - is creating a network of thousands of small low-orbit satellites, the "Starlink", with the goal of providing complete Internet coverage on a global scale by 2022.

As far as the final consumer is concerned, such innovation brings great benefits in terms of comfort and time savings. Buttons in our pantry that make automatic purchases, cars that drive themselves, or even the application of sensors on "wearable" equipment that measure parameters of physical activities.

The future promises to be more technology-dependent and more interconnected than ever. Like the messenger who ran from Marathon to Athens, today's businesses and individuals are focused on sharing and getting information quickly and effectively, anywhere, anytime; at all costs.