Posted  July 13 2021

The Priorities of Companies in Data Management.

Big Data
Written by Jerônimo do Valle
The "Global Cloud User Survey" revealed that organizations are inclined to invest in hybrid, multi-cloud IT environments that can support users, applications and data spread across multiple locations.
As companies recover from the impact of constraints, their primary goals include improving efficiency, productivity and customer experience, and to that end they are increasingly relying on data. Devices connected to the “Internet of Things” are expected to exceed 66 BI by 2026.

Robust data management platforms are likely to be strong acquisition targets for providers. For some applications or services, stability and performance offered in a private environment will be best. In others, the flexibility offered by the Cloud will better meet the needs of the application and the users who access it.

Still, according to the study, companies are storing most of their data in on-premises facilities that they can directly control, however, data storage in the Cloud is gaining strong momentum as it offers promising benefits such as scalability and accessibility.

Source: InforChannel