Posted  June 15 2021

Undersea cable connecting Brazil to Portugal starts operating.

Written by Jerônimo do Valle
The “EllaLink” system was the central theme of the 1st day of “Leading the Digital Decade 2030” (an event organized by the European Commission and the Portuguese Presidency of the EU Council, on 01/02 JUN), due to the installation of the high-capacity fiber optic submarine cable between Fortaleza (BR) and Sines (PT), with 6 thousand km in length - a private investment of 150 M€ (about 1 BI R$). It is the first high-capacity cable that directly connects Brazil to Europe - the connection, so far, is made through the United States.
In addition to Philippe Dumont, the company's CEO, the PM of Portugal, António Costa, the Brazilian Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Marcos Pontes, his Portuguese colleague Pedro Siza Vieira, minister of Economy and Digital Transition and Pekka Lundmark, President and CEO of Nokia, participated in “EllaLink Cable Session”.

In his presentation, Dumont highlighted the multinational character of the project and added that the project - whose objective is to connect the two continents over the next 25 years - required 10 years of hard work and cooperation.

The new connection will reduce latency between the two continents by up to 50%, benefiting digital businesses, cloud services, electronic banking, entertainment media and online gaming.