The best tool for
data analysis.
Get access to all your company's key indicators in real time. Perform strategic management and support decision making through information analysis.

Analyze data from
multiple sources.

.Vi.insights allows you to create interactive dashboards, reports, graphs and maps (generated from Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, CSV files, JSON files, statistics files, spatial files, web data connectors and OData) that can be analyzed, incorporated into websites or even shared across platforms and social media.

Capture valuable insights
about your activities.

A high-performance tool, .vi.insights performs predictive analytics in real time, utilizing Machine Learning to deliver insights and schedule alerts on patterns in data, making it indispensable for companies of all sizes and industries.

Monitor your company's performance closely.

Create dynamic dashboards and reports
Get real-time metrics, highlight patterns and learn market reactions to your products and services.
Turn numbers into valuable information
Use predictive analytics to create advanced data visualization charts and plot more efficient strategies.

Intelligence in decision making depends directly on the analysis of information.

Learn more about the results and the relationship with your audience.
Watching the correct indicators is essential to develop a safer and more oriented management, optimizing the company's evolution and revealing new business opportunities.

Import and process any volume of data to generate fast and accurate results !

Compatibility with the entire market
Wide selection of integrations to capture - in real time - data from important sources such as Excel, MySQL, Analytics, Oracle, Salesforce, among others.
Personalize your experience
Customization functions for exhibition of results. Generate dashboards and reports according to your preferences and needs.
Adjustable to the reality of your company
A cloud-based solution, the versatility of .vi.insights makes it useful for all types of businesses, from a small e-commerce to a large corporation.

More than a tool, an analytical vision.

  • Custom dashboards with indicators and charts;
  • High quality predictive analytics;
  • Real-time insight capture made easy;
  • Cloud platform;
  • Integration with multiple data sources;
  • Ease of scaling service levels;
  • Mobile or desktop access;
  • Building connectors with sources using integration APIs;
  • Insights much easier;

  • Easy-to-manage dashboards;
  • Simple and friendly interface;
  • Real-time metrics on all users' dashboards;
  • Programming of alerts regarding data behavior;
  • Generation of real-time and continuous insights;
  • Detailing of results predictions according to each possible decision;
  • Ability to upload different types of files.

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